FAQs for Host Families

Exactly when will the students be here?

In 2016, the students will arrive at SRJC on Wednesday, March 30th and will leave on Friday, May 6th.

Do the students speak English?

Yes! They have all studied English in school from an early age, and have taken advanced courses in English as part of this program. They may be a little shy about their language skills at first, but they should have no problem understanding you and expressing themselves.

Can the student share a bedroom with one of our children?

Host families are asked to provide a room, not shared by other family members, within the walls of their home (unless an attached/outside studio contains bathroom facilities.)

What days and hours do they have to be in school?

These will vary somewhat, but you will receive a schedule so that you'll know exactly when they need to be somewhere. In general, the students will attend classes Monday through Thursday on the Santa Rosa campus. They may also be required to participate in local, educational field trips on some Fridays. It can usually be worked out so that you can drop them off and pick them up as you are going to and returning from work. If they are done early they are encouraged to study in the library until you can pick them up.

Are we responsible for driving the student to and from school?

Host families can either provide transportation to and from school, or they can provide information about bus transportation along with a pass or funds to ride the bus. Carpooling with other host families is also encouraged, and the Host Family Coordinator can help provide information about other families living nearby.

Will the students need transportation to other events?

Occasionally the students will be asked to attend other events. In these cases we ask that the host family either drop them off and pick them up from SRJC, or arrange for carpooling with another family. We try to offer several optional group activities that each family can choose to attend with their student, choose to send their student to, or decline to participate in.

What costs will we incur as a host family?

Host families are asked to cover the costs of the students' meals and transportation. Other than that, the students come prepared to cover their own expenses while they are here. If a host family would like to take the student somewhere that involves a fee/cost, they can choose to pay for their student, or they can let the student know what the cost would be and allow the student to decide if they can afford to go.

Are we able to take the students on a weekend family excursion such as to the snow, Yosemite, or Monterey?

Yes! We encourage host families to take their students anywhere and everywhere. They want to see anything that you want to show them. Some weeks you will have the opportunity to take them away for a 3-day trip (F/S/Su). When you receive your schedule you'll see which dates are available for this. Our only request is that you do not take a student away during their scheduled class time.

What if I have questions now or when the students arrive?

Contact the Swedish Program Administrative Assistant:

Tera Hruby